Savitskiy Museum, the world’s most remote art collection

The Savitskiy museum in Nukus Uzbekistan is probably one of the most remote and remarkable collections in the world.

It was founded by Russian Igor Savitskiy who collected Avant-Garde Uzbek art during the soviet period of the 1920’s and 30’s.

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The growing pains of Uzbekistan


Gulnara Karimova

I travelled in Uzbekistan for 10 days as a tourist with my girlfriend. We arrived in the capital Tashkent, flew East to Nukus, visited Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand before returning to Tashkent for the flight home.

Uzbekistan as an independent nation is 19 years old and like any adolescent it is experiencing a certain amount of insecurity about its identity.   Continue reading

Open studios comes to Paris’ Goutte d’Or

Sipping on sweet wine, berry cocktails and the odd beer is always a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Add to that a leisurely stroll around the characterful district of the Goutte d’Or, Amadou and Mariam, a catwalk  and paper making in Nepal and it must be open studios, or as the French call it ‘Portes Ouvertes’.

The popular initiative enables  artists to exhibit their work independently without the expense of going through a gallery. Most of those participating in the event simply open up their homes to the general public and hang their chef d’oeuvres on the wall for the world to see. Continue reading

French Guiana-born artist Tony Riga at the Pompidou

It was with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief that I went along to see the work of French Guiana artist Tony Riga who has the privileged position of artist in residence at the Pompidou centre in Paris.

Tony has been creating a vast body of work for a number of years in the cavernous basement of France’s popular contemporary art and cultural institution. I was introduced to his work by a therapist friend of mine who suggested that I pay a visit to what he believed to be a talented and largely unrecognized artist. Continue reading