A Journey by Tony Blair – A Book Review

Just before Tony Blair’s autobiography was about to go to print it was decided that ‘The Journey’ sounded too definitive and that it should be revised to ‘A Journey’. It is a change that seems appropriate and suggests that it could potentially have a sequel. But in many British households Blair has become synonymous with ‘B-liar’ or worse and they would baulk at the idea of his return to public office. Nonetheless, if sales figures are anything to go by, Blair still commands attention, loved or loathed.

‘A Journey’ is a book that criss-crosses the events that made up his premiership from the Good Friday agreement, Kosovo and Iraq to super casinos, top-up-fees and Foot and Mouth.  Blair says that in writing the book, he dealt with the most sensitive issues first, such as Iraq, 9/11 and his tempestuous relationship with Gordon Brown (known in the UK as the TB-GB’s) and worked his way outwards. Continue reading


Scots take over Montmartre streets

The Parisian district of Montmartre took on a distinctly Scottish flavour this weekend as dozens of kilt-wearing Scots paraded the streets to celebrate the ‘Scotland in Montmartre’ festival. Initiatied in 2001, the bi-annual celebration has became a permanent fixture on Montmartre’s cobbled streets attracting tourists and locals alike. This year, it also coincides with the France – Scotland rugby match as part of the six-nations tournament. Continue reading