Paintings by French women imprisoned in Mexico on show in Paris

Florence Cassez, Reuters

Paintings by imprisoned French woman Florence Cassez are currently on show in the town hall of Paris’ 10th district. Cassez was arrested in Mexico and sentenced to 60 years for her alleged role in a kidnapping although she maintains her innocence. Continue reading


French government website mirrors White

The French government launched its new generation website today in a attempt to bring it in line with Web 2.0.  Shifting its attention away from largely video based content, it now includes slideshows, computer graphics and news items centering on the French Head of State, Nicolas Sarkozy and his staff.  With a budget of 100 thousand euro, it was overseen by the 24 year old Nicolas Princen and has taken a year to develop.  Largely based on the White House official website – the similarities are striking – it has been decluttered and paired down with links to its facebook fansite and twitter account.  Instead of featuring video clips on the site itself, internet users are redirected to video host Daily Motion.  It also includes a 360 panorama view of the Elysée palace, the complete speeches of President Nicolas Sarkozy and an impressive Google Earth style rotating globe showing the countries visited by the President.  It also coincides with a visit to the US, where Sarkozy will be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) with US President Barack Obama.