VIDEO: Tatiana Grigorenko on her exhibition “A Liminal Square, Portraits from Kiev”

Interview with Russian / American artist Tatiana Grigorenko on her exhibition “A Liminal Square, Portraits from Kiev” at the American University in Paris.


VIDEO: Interview with South African artist Bruce Clarke

My video for think tank, Thinking Africa.

The artist Bruce Clarke speaks in his studio in Paris about his project Hommes Débout (Upright Men) commemorating 20 years since the genocide in Rwanda. These paintings pay tribute to the victims by painting directly on the memorial sites in Rwanda. They are also exhibited or projected on symbolic places around the world (Geneva, Paris, Brussels).

L’artiste Bruce Clarke parle dans son atelier à Paris de son projet Les Hommes Débout (Upright Men) qui commémore 20 ans depuis le génocide au Rwanda. Ces peintures rendent hommage aux victimes au moyen de peintures directement sur les lieux de mémoire au Rwanda et accrochées ou projetées sur des lieux symboliques ailleurs dans le monde (Genève, Paris, Bruxelles).

VIDEO: Jour de Colere, Paris France

NEWS: Paris (AFP) – Several thousand people marched through Paris on Sunday in a “Day of Anger” against embattled President Francois Hollande which ended in clashes between police and protesters.
NARRATION: Peter Ferenzci, Paris based journalist
EQUIPMENT: Canon EOS 60D, Go Pro

Jour de Colere, Paris France from Paul on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Malians in Paris frustrated over registration process for presidential elections

Mali is set to hold presidential elections in less than one month on 28 July despite concerns that the country is not ready. Rebels are still in control of the northern city of Kidal and the head of Mali’s Independent National Electoral Commission, Mamadou Diamoutani, has expressed doubts about the vote. Despite the concern, campaigning got underway on 7 July. France is home to approximately 300 000 Malians with the vast majority living in Paris. Many have been attempting to register to vote but have discovered they are not on electoral lists. (FIRST PUBLISHED ON AFRIK.COM)

VIDEO: 26 May, Paris. Anti-gay marriage demonstration #Manifpourtous

26 May, Paris. Anti-gay marriage demonstration #Manifpourtous from Paul on Vimeo.

Tens of thousands of people protested against France’s new gay marriage law in central Paris on Sunday.
The law came into force over a week ago, but organizers decided to go ahead with the long-planned demonstration to show their continued opposition as well as their frustration with President Francois Hollande, who had made legalizing gay marriage one of his keynote campaign pledges in last year’s election.
Marchers set off from three separate points across Paris, and by early evening they filled the Invalides esplanade just across the Seine River from the Champs Elysees.